Voters approve school budget with more STEM studies.

STEM education today: A grass roots view

By Jennifer Delony You’ve seen the highlights here on the Drive for Innovation; programs across the U.S. are beginning to deliver more resources and funding to help students thrive in technology studies and deliver on an innovative future. We met Don Morgan of Brooks County High School, who strives to build an engineering program in an agriculture town, and we made

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Apple’s innovation problem

By Brian Fuller Apple’s got a problem these days, and it’s not just a shareholder value problem. It’s a problem that faces most mature electronics companies at one point or another: It’s new-product innovation pipeline is gummed up. But first let’s recap: The popular concern today is that Apple share price is off significantly since last year and that there


The STEM challenge

SAVANNAH, Ga.–Sitting in front of me are 150 people who hold our future in their hands. They’re teachers from the Georgia Engineering Teachers Education (GETEA) association, and they have asked me to speak at their annual conference here about the Drive for Innovation. I want to hear from them as much as they want to hear from me what’s going

Teaching to the class

Can engineers teach well?

Maybe not, according to David Peins, who teaches children as young as eight years old to read schematics, create working circuits on breadboards, and do other fun techie stuff.  Writing in EE Times this week, Peins argues:   "Most engineers are not good at introducing the basic concepts, anxious to skip to the beauty of the elegant solution, so there is

Harris robot

Week in Innovation (Aug. 27-31, 2012)

[View the story "Week in Innovation (Aug. 26-31, 2012)" on Storify] Week in Innovation (Aug. 26-31, 2012) Links to timely stories about innovation, electronics and the entrepreneurial spirit relevant to your world and our coverage on Drive for Innovation. Storified by Brian Fuller · Tue, Aug 28 2012 17:54:05 WHAT THE APPLE-SAMSUNG PATENT CASE TAUGHT US Apple-Samsung Fallout: Beware of

Volt teardown: Charge system slide presentation

Here's a presentation compiled by Al Steier of Munro & Associates and John Scott-Thomas of TechInsights that walks you through what they found during their analysis of the Chevy Volt's charge/powertrain system:

Penveu systems

Smart bomb technology may disrupt the classroom

DALLAS–Semiconductor and sensor technology used for years to guide precision bombs and cruise missiles is making its way into the hands of teachers–for peaceful purposes. More design resources Penveu, a mobile wireless technology from a unit of Interphase here, this week announced its first product, intending to disrupt the $1.8 billion interactive white board market. The handheld penveu is a


Live-blogging the Avnet Tech Games

(Odometer: 23, 045 miles) TEMPE, Ariz.–We've pulled into the amazing University of Advancing Technology here to show off the Volt and enjoy the 7th Avnet Tech Games. The games were founded as a way to encourage and inspire Arizona college students to compete in building electronics systems and compete for scholarships. Here's a link to the "game day" program and


Are we losing the innovation edge?

Norm Augustine is worried. We’re losing our edge in innovation, he suggests. We spend more money on potato chips than we do on energy research. China has replaced the U.S. as the world’s No. 1 technology exporter. The quality of math and science education is 48th in the world, the former CEO of Lockheed Martin points out. We’ve heard the

New Products From Avnet

  • HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000

    The world’s most advanced storage platform has extended its midrange offerings, delivering effortless, efficient, bulletproof, and future proof storage to the entire midrange. Store all of your data on a single system that supports advanced features, such as storage federation and automated tiering, and which enables you to start small and grow without disruption.

  • Advantech RISC Computing Platforms

    UBC-DS31 is powered by a Freescale ARM Cortex-A9 i.MX6 dual core processor, with 1GB DDR3 memory & 4GB flash onboard. It has 2D and 3D graphics built in, and supports dual displays with up to 1080p high resolution output on low power consumption.

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