A “hybrid for all?”

Paris-based Valeo SA has an idea it hopes will help bring down the cost of hybrid car technology. Valeo has developed an electrification solution for the powertrain, Hybrid4All, which enables car manufacturers to turn a traditional engine –diesel or gasoline – into a hybrid engine, at an affordable price by using simple and standardized components. Valeo claimed the “Hybrid4All” architecture is

Peggy Smedley on the set of the Peggy Smedley show in Carol Stream, Il.

Peggy Smedley Show

8/16/11 Listen to the show Here.

Peggy Smedley on the set of the Peggy Smedley show in Carol Stream, Il.

Peggy Smedley Show

8/9/11 Listen to the show Here.

Peggy Smedley on the set of the Peggy Smedley show in Carol Stream, Il.

Peggy Smedley Show

8/2/11 Listen to the show Here.                

Christi and John

Reality check

If you want a sense for how America is going to embrace electric vehicles, look no farther than newlyweds Christi and John. We chatted with them one recent evening at a restaurant, called Bonefish, near Cleveland. Pretty soon, we were talking about the Chevy Volt. Within a couple of minutes, it became clear that General Motors’ marketing team (or any EV

The Chevy Volt battery exposed

Getting a charge out of things

(Odometer: 389 miles) SCHAUMBERG, Ill.–DesignNews senior technical editor Chuck Murray has been chronicling the rapid evolution of automotive electronics for the better part of a quarter-century. One thing he's written about extensively (check out his Captain Hybrid blog) that hasn't changed a lot in that time is battery technology. Despite the quickening move into electric-hybrid and all-electric vehicles, battery designers


Engineer Shares How To Build An EV

By Steve Taranovich, Contributing Editor, EDN 07/06/11 Electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) are advancing rapidly. We see a parade of solutions including the Toyota Prius (the number-one-selling hybrid), Ford Fusion with 41-mpg city mileage, Chevy Volt with 35-mile stretches of all-electric driving, and the Nissan Leaf as the first affordable, mainstream all-electric, five-passenger car. Now let me

2007 Chevrolet Volt Concept Chassis

All Charged Up

By Rick DeMeis, EE Times, EE Life, Automotive DesignLine Blog 10/15/07 Almost as exciting as following the Red Sox' fortunes in the post season this past weekend was the media coverage of a visit to Boston by the Chevrolet Volt electric/gasoline-powered concept car—which even included having the vehicle at Fenway Park. During the first presentation of the weekend, for the New England


Hybrids Push Efficiency Advancements: Part I

By David Swanson, Principal Engineer, STMicroelectronics EE Times, Design 08/31/10 A friend of mine came to me with a “patentable invention.” He said it was going to make him millions but he needed just a little help with the last bit.He had glued a small electric motor on the end of a board, pointing outward. On the shaft of the

New Products From Avnet

  • HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000

    The world’s most advanced storage platform has extended its midrange offerings, delivering effortless, efficient, bulletproof, and future proof storage to the entire midrange. Store all of your data on a single system that supports advanced features, such as storage federation and automated tiering, and which enables you to start small and grow without disruption.

  • Advantech RISC Computing Platforms

    UBC-DS31 is powered by a Freescale ARM Cortex-A9 i.MX6 dual core processor, with 1GB DDR3 memory & 4GB flash onboard. It has 2D and 3D graphics built in, and supports dual displays with up to 1080p high resolution output on low power consumption.

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