Volt Teardown: The battery pack

By John Scott-Thomas, TechInsights The Chevrolet Volt is GM’s atonement for the cancellation of its first modern electric vehicle, the EV1, and a potent attempt to create a bold new technical future. The Volt’s control systems are among the most elaborate ever created. Close to 100 microprocessors are in the car, and over 10 million lines of software are used; a Boeing


Still rollin’

Here's a quick update on news about our favorite innovation metaphor and automotive magic carpet, the Chevy Volt. Ours is running just fine (just finished 2,100 miles through the South!). However, General Motors announced it will idle production for a few weeks to give demand a chance to catch up with supply.   [View the story "Chevy Volt Production halted"


The Volt and the battery fires furor

ON THE ROAD TO RALEIGH, N.C.–We're still rolling blissfully south toward our next big innovation stop here in Raleigh, and we've been catching up on news surrounding the Volt, its lithium ion (LiOn) battery and charging stations…specifically whether the Volt is a fire hazard. Some sites have seized on the news to push LiOn technology as a killer in the


Tech Talk with Craig Peterson

10/02/11 Listen to the show Here.


Short drive and deep dive

By Naomi Price, Managing editor for content, Drive for Innovation I recently had a chance to pilot the Drive for Innovation Volt—a fun experience and an eye opener into the world of EVs. I’ll be the first to admit–and my children will loudly back me up—that the cars I drive are generally of the duller, purely utilitarian persuasion. Not the


Would you buy the Volt?

(Odometer: 5,636 miles) PLYMOUTH MEETING, Penn.–Just before we took a couple-day break recently, we drove up into the hills around Philadelphia to catch up with my colleague and EBN Editor Bolaji Ojo. I had asked him to drive the Volt up to Boston for Embedded Systems Conference (and we’d rejoin the red beauty in a few days). He happily obliged,


9/20/11 Drive for Innovation with UBM and Avnet Express


The sound of silence

Electric vehicles make almost no sound. That’s a hugely important win after a century of loud internal combustion engines stealing what brief snatches of quiet we find on walks or bike rides. But that’s a problem. The internal combustion engine is not only a cost-effective motive force generator; it’s a safety feature. You can hear an approaching car. You can’t


Chasing the Volt

SOMEWHERE BETWEEN CLEVELAND AND PHILADELPHIA–Viscerally, I have pretty simple thoughts about the way General Motors has been marketing the Volt. In a nutshell, I feel their heart isn’t in the game. The Nissan Leaf people are slapping them around on TV with those “gas-powered everything” ads. Really funny but the shot at the Volt at the end, is just completely


Making the ‘MOST’ of automotive infotainment

By Henry Muyshondt, SMSC, for EE Times, Design 7/22/2008 As cars designers strive to present drivers and passengers information and entertainment systems that fully integrate consumers' digital lifestyle, it becomes more important to use a multimedia networking backbone. The network should not only combine the long lifecycle, reliability and tough environmental requirements of the automotive world, but it should also

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