Bound to cover just a little more ground

PHOENIX–Sometimes the biggest, most-ambitious projects end quietly and simply. A small group of executives from Avnet Electronics Marketing, including president Ed Smith and marketing VP Ian Basey, and I gathered in the company's headquarters this month as the good folks from the charitable organization Chances for Children took ownership of our home for the past year, the red Chevy Volt.


Kent Reporter

6/28/12 Kent man wins new Chevrolet Volt


Innovation capital of the world

PHOENIX–If it's tough for an ex-contract manufacturing executive to admit it, Ed Smith doesn't show it.  "America's going to become the land of innovation, not the land of manufacturing," said Smith, a former CEO of a contract manufacturing company who now is president of Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas here. "Everybody says everything moved to China," he said. "China doesn't innovative


Avnet Express’ Drive for Innovation Marks Last Stop Highlighting Companies Innovating in Vancouver

Year-long program culminates with 30,838 miles traveled through 24 U.S. states and interviewed 750 people at 245 companies  Phoenix and San Francisco, June 27, 2012 – As the Drive for Innovation makes its last pit stop on its year-long journey across North America this week in Vancouver, British Columbia, the success of the program proves that technology innovation is thriving. 


Ted Yan gets his winning Chevy Volt

RENTON, Wash.–Earlier this month, Ted Yan, a Boeing systems engineer, won our grand prize in the Drive for Innovation: a 2012 Chevrolet Volt. Ted and his wife, Audrey, who just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary, arrived this evening at Good Chevrolet outside Seattle to pick up his brand new ride. Yan has had some luck recently. Just after he learned


The spirit of giving

PHOENIX–The On the Road portion of our year-long Drive for Innovation is winding toward its close. We'll hit our last official stop at the end of this month in Vancouver, B.C. What happens to our sporty and trusty red Chevy Volt once the trip ends? It's being donated to charity. (The torn-down Volt has been donated to Arizona State University's


Been all around this world

SAN DIEGO–Somewhere along a sun-smooched stretch of road here in May, we circled the Earth. Our journey to hunt down innovation stories across the country in a Chevy Volt officially crossed 24,901 miles, one measure of the earth's circumference. We're still driving until the end of June, so we've got thousands of miles to go. The human-led electronics innovation in


‘It takes tenacity to become a female engineer’

PHOENIX–That was Eliza Nelson's take when we spoke with her at "Girls Have 'IT' Day" here at Xavier College Preparatory. More design resources Nelson, an Avnet FAE, was invited to speak at the event to help inspire girls gathered here to absorb presentations about technology futures. She's young, she's hip and her enthusiasm is fed by something deeper than caffeine.


Live-blogging the Avnet Tech Games

(Odometer: 23, 045 miles) TEMPE, Ariz.–We've pulled into the amazing University of Advancing Technology here to show off the Volt and enjoy the 7th Avnet Tech Games. The games were founded as a way to encourage and inspire Arizona college students to compete in building electronics systems and compete for scholarships. Here's a link to the "game day" program and


Case Study: An engineering success with logistics

When one of Tom Tranter’s contacts said that his company, an Avnet customer, was having problems getting a microprocessor’s tools up and running, he thought the fix would be routine. Tranter, a Field Application Engineer at Avnet, soon learned that things weren’t so simple. “I thought it was easy,” he said. “It wasn’t.” It turned out that the customer had

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