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20 September 2011

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa–Rockwell Collins’ presence here near the cornfields of Iowa is huge and counter-intuitive. You could imagine a big tractor factory, sure. But a high-tech innovation center working on virtual/augmented reality, communications systems for police cars and bleeding edge display systems?

Well, it’s here, and it’s thriving. The company is deeply embedded (pardon the pun) in cockpits of both commercial and military aircraft and is looking for new ways to use displays to make pilots’ jobs easier, safer and more effective.

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Alyssa Hahn gave us a tour of Rockwell Collins’ display lab, where she said the company is looking into touch screen interfaces (resistive touch for the most part) and enhanced ruggedization of their displays for the tough environments in which their products find themselves. Rockwell Collins doesn’t reinvent the wheel, opting instead for a tight partnership with Sharp, which supplies the LCD displays.




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