Innovation and transformation of JDSU

5 October 2012

(Odometer: 23, 885 miles)

MILPITAS, Calif. –Remember JDSU? You probably remember it better as JDS Uniphase, a high-flying optical electronics company that had its wings clipped (who didn’t?) in the telecommunications bubble burst  more than a decade ago.

Today, JDSU is rebranded and repositioned as an electronics vendor that hasn’t
abandoned its communications roots but has diversified into areas, such as test and measurement, photovoltaics and authentication. Jason Reinhardt, vice president of sales, a relative newcomer, said the challenge is to out-innovate the competition. Sure enough. But that’s easier said than done.

How, I wanted to know, does a large, established company that’s been through fire and ice encourage innovation in a culture that, given the history, may be risk-averse?

Here’s his answer:

And here’s Reinhardt talking about the
company’s diversifying
product line:

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