How embedded electronics elevates winemaking

24 October 2012

WOODSIDE, Calif.–There are countless technology executives who attach themselves at the hip to the wine industry, either as connoisseurs, investors or outright owners of wineries or vineyards.

Then there’s T.J. Rodgers. The Cypress Semiconductor CEO has invested millions of  his own dollars, blown holes in hillsides and stuffed rootstock into steep-sloping hills and imported special German mechanical harvesters, all in the name of fine pinot noir.

He’s also leveraged his company’s embedded technology to make his vineyard and his wine-making operations more advanced and efficient. We pulled the Volt to a stop at Rodgers’ home here in the Silicon Valley hills, played with his dog and got a tutorial on how to use sensors and circuits such as PSOC to manage the most important part of winemaking, fermentation:

Part 1: 800 pounds of grapes

Part 2: Controlling fermenter temperature

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