Element Hotels, ChargePoint stations and the zen of power

6 October 2011

LEXINGTON, Mass.–Element Hotels are part of a small, hip chain whose allure includes the fact that they are extended-stay facilities that adhere to “green” principles.

Element is part of Westin which is part of Starwood, and the facility here outside of Boston was the first Element ever built. There are nine up now with another 15 on the way. Conveniently for us, it has a ChargePoint charging station in its parking lot (it’s listed on Google Maps and of course in the ChargePoint site).

Now if you have a brain, you might simply ask the front desk clerk whether she knows anything about how to activate the ChargePoint station outside. But that would be too easy. Instead, you go to Plan B, which was far more interesting and educational:

Naomi October 10, 2011 at 3:15 pm

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Isn’t it great when techology works?! Now, if only supply and demand will continue to work and we’ll have more charging stations popping up. I have an idea…how about charging stations at restaurants or theatres? Charge while you dine or watch a show!

Rich October 11, 2011 at 9:31 am

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That’s great news for the northeast!
I’ve also been impressed with the speed at which the state of Texas jumped in to hold an open competition to define a standard, and now my friends in Dallas are getting surrounded by publicly available charging stations.
Here’s a link from a recent newsletter noting the expansion of this network throughout Houston:
<a href="http://www.evgonetwork.com/News_and_Events/News_Archive/eVgo_Unveils_Houstons_First_Freedom_Station_Charging_Site/&quot; eVgo Unveils Houston’s First Freedom Station Charging Site
I’m particularly pleased to see a market-driven solution that offers free installation in homes with the same station for those who subscribe. It’s like a monthly electric or cell-phone bill, and you get recharges no matter where in the network – wherever you find one in Texas for now – you park to plug in.
It’s also great that these e-v-go stations will be put along the major highway arteries as well as at private company parking lots like Walgreens and shopping centers. (redbox DVDs? plug in your car while you shop?) love it!

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